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Kiss the Bride: The Wedding Dress\The Wedding K...
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New York Times phenomenon Lucy Kevin returns to Rose Chalet, the most romantic wedding venue in San Francisco, bringing three more of her beloved wedding stories together in one volume! ´´The Wedding Dress´´ Dress designer Anne Farleigh creates pure magic with her ideas and her fabrics. She needs some of that magic to rub off when she meets charming P.I. Gareth Cavendish, who delivers some unexpected news. ´´The Wedding Kiss´´ Rose Martin is the owner of Rose Chalet. She´s so busy planning weddings for everyone else that she doesn´t realize her own special someone has been by her side all this time! ´´Sparks Fly´´ Businessman Will Scott only agrees to a feng-shui design consultation to be polite. He thinks the whole thing is hocus-pocus - until he gets to know interior designer Angelina Morgan and his no-nonsense demeanor falls under the magic power of love. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Eva Kaminsky. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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